About Us

Imagine betting against a friend or a total stranger or group of people on an outcome of a match.

This is currently being done privately or publicly but without any proper setting, where one can place a bet.

Their is also a problem of a sealed agreement which is sometimes done by a handshake or just words, making it easy for the other party not to honor the agreement by pulling out or not paying up.

This is Why created an environment where individuals can bet against anyone on an outcome, for example betting on a match whether a certain team will win, get to score first or predicting a score.

We built this simple betting system which requires the users to register and deposit funds into their betting account, the bettors will then choose the match, category, the amount, and place their bet.

Any user willing to bet against the open position can do so by accepting the bet, users accounts get debited and await the outcome of the bet.

The winner will then receive their winning funds into their betting account, before they can request for withdraw.

Users cannot pullout once the bet is placed.

The bets will be moderated and the outcomes will be verified.

A limit of bet per game is placed on different bet price, as this is a friendly betting environment.

All this and more can be done on this system which has been built for your convenience, all bets are done online no shop needed to place your bets.